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White Horehound

The white horehound (Marrubium vulgare) was known for its healing capabilities among ancient Romans and Arabs. In traditional medicine white horehound is used for curing respiratory complications and for improving digestion. The plant also has an anti-inflammatory effect and is applied externally for treating skin problems.

Thanks to the HTNTM technology, all valuable white horehound ingredients are extracted and synthesized in a new active ingredient called CITYSTEM™ which is characterized by a very high concentration of phenylpropanoids. CITYSTEM™ effectively counteracts harmful urban pollution, preserves the cleanness of the skin, smooths and softens it, and reduces its roughness.


Prevents the skin cells from ageing and from contaminants infiltration. Neutralizes toxic oxidants that which destroys the structure of proteins and lipids. Enhances the barrier function of the skin and stimulates natural skin antioxidants. Improves cell metabolism and reduces the risk of inflammation.

CITYSTEMTM is an active ingredient with remarkable results in the fight against the visible and invisible effects caused on the skin by pollution that were proven in a series of in-vivo tests: 84% of the participants in the test accounted for decreasing skin roughness, radiant complexion, and soft and smooth skin only after four weeks of use.

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