Chamomile Water
Chamomile Water 100% Pure – From Organic Gardens, Dark Glass Bottle – 100ml

Chamomile Water 100% Pure – From Organic Gardens, Dark Glass Bottle – 100ml


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This 100% pure chamomile water is distilled from the flowers grown in organic gardens located in one of the cleanest areas in Europe. The water is naturally high concentrated in chamomile oil, which is a natural preservative and guarantees the quality of the water we produce. This gentle, soothing and moisturizing chamomile water provides regenerative effects on damaged or fragile skin. Reduces all types of skin irritation and inflammation and it’s safe to use on baby. Ideal for use as a facial or hair toner aimed at soothing irritated skin. Chamomile water is used widely in skin care and is said to be аn good all-in-one makeup remover skin cleanser and toner.
Our Quality Guarantee

         💦 100% PURE CHAMOMILE WATER FROM ORGANIC CERTIFIED GARDENS has a strong calming effect and outstanding skin regenerative properties (Acne-prone skin, pimples). It helps soothe skin irritations, and is ideal after removing make-up, in order to cleanse the skin deeply. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, fragile and damaged skin. No preservatives added.

         ✔️ ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, BALANCING AND HARMONIZING – picked for its many properties for the face and body, it’s also appropriate for the scalp and hair. It is also a base product, which can be used in combination with other cosmetics. Has revitalizing effect on the skin, that is particularly beneficial for mature, oily and combination skin types. Treats pimples and blackheads. Аlso is extra healing and great for scars, cuts and wounds.

         ✔️ CHAMOMILE WATER WORKS FOR dry skin and scalp, oily skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, spots and breakouts.

         ✔️ FINEST AND PUREST – the water is made from petals that are grown in organic certified gardens, located in one of the cleanest areas in Europe. We use only dark glass bottles to be sure that you will have really a perfectly stored great quality product.

         ✔️ FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and we are here 24/7 to assist you. All City Cocoon skin care products are made according to GMP (Good Manufacture Practice). Within 30 days of purchase 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Click ADD TO BASKET now to buy your 100% Pure Chamomile Water today.

🌟 100% Pure Chamomile Water

► Cruelty FREE
► Vegan
► Preservatives Free
► From Organic Gardens
► 100% Pure

City Cocoon Chamomile Water is packaged in a glass amber bottle, the cleanest possible packaging that does not deposit harmful chemicals in the product and protection from the sun. Also, the entire packaging can be 100% recycled or reused.
We from City Cocoon trying to use less plastic in the packages as possible. To prevent the negative impact on our nature from plastic waste. Our products contain less than 5 precents of plastic in the packages.

Additional information

Weight 225 g


100% pure distilled from flowers grown in organic certified gardens organic, suitable for all skin types. It has anti-inflammatory, balancing, harmonizing and revitalizing effect. Contains natural anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and skin irritation. This purest high concentrated in chamomile oil water is a multiple purpose cosmetic gem and can be mixed with your favourite shampoo or cleanser. Gentle enough to be used even on fragile and problematic skin such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.



*natural ingredients


Spray onto face, body or hair whenever is needed and wait until fully absorbed. Or dispense the chamomile water onto a cotton ball or makeup pad, then gently apply to your face and neck. Massage the roots of washed hair and spray on. Use freely on face, neck, body, hair. For frequent use.