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Skin Care in City Environment

The City – an Enemy of the Skin?

The connection between environmental factors and skin aging has been scientifically proven. Regardless of your beautiful genes, your skin can prematurely and visibly age because of pollution, stress, exhaustion, and dynamic lifestyle. It is now confirmed that 80% of the visible signs of aging are not the result of genetic predisposition but of environmental and lifestyle factors (UV rays, smoking, eating habits, stress, and quality of sleep).

We Are All Born Young and Beautiful, but Some of Us Remain That Longer

People living in cities put their skin at additional risk. More and more studies have shown that the urban environment has a detrimental effect on the appearance and condition of your skin. Therefore, the use of appropriate cosmetic products is extremely important for you to maintain an appearance of the skin that provokes a murmur of approval.

City Cocoon Skin Care is a daily skin care specifically developed for people living in urban environments.

As the name of the product suggests, City Cocoon Skin Care is a haven in which you can feel comfortably protected from the aggressive influence of the city and preserve your natural beauty and youth.

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